Monday, July 7, 2014

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Treatment vs product


Just as nutrition is to exercise in fitness, skin care is to treatments.


In diet and exercise, you know that 90% of results still come from your diet. You can work out all you want and get ok results, but modify your eating habits and your body changes quickly.


Well, it’s the same for your skin.  Most of your results are achieved from topical solutions (products). They dictate the daily behavior of your skin. Without them, your skin will return to its natural state.

Think of sunscreen for example. If you are in the sun, your skin changes color. With a good sunscreen, it does not. Imagine what topical retinoids can do! Btw, if you are in your 30's and aren't on retinol, it's time to start. In your 20's you need antioxidants to prevent sun-damage. In your 40's & beyond you want both. It's that simple!

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