The medical spa staff of the Yarish crew pictured above. We were on a work trip to NOLA.

My name is Aubrey and I am a medical aesthetician. I started out with Dr. Scott Yarish in one of Houston's very first medical spas. It was so much fun and it's been wild to see the industry grow and evolve.

The procedures I do may be skin deep, but they can really touch a person deep down inside, improve confidence and that can be a game changer in disposition. That's what it's all about to me! Being comfortable in your own skin, enhancing your own natural beauty and doing good for others. Look good, feel better!!

With so many product lines and treatments available, I would like to contribute my "two cents" for you! Maybe it will help and if not, it sure will be fun!

Ultimately the goal of this blog is to entertain, tell you about my favorite treatments, the gold standards, the latest and greatest, the tried & true....you get the idea. :)

I am currently blessed enough to be part of the team at Hall Plastic Sugery & Rejuvenation Center in Bee Caves, TX.


There I am!! Working on my Mom when I was with Woodlands Wellness.

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