Monday, September 19, 2016

Loose the turkey neck

Before gobble day arrives, get rid of your gobble! hahaha!!
For real though, these treatments are fantastic because they actually work! Seriously, removing unwanted fat below the chin has never been easier. Also, once you remove that fat, the skin tends to retract, taking years off your face! There are 2 non-invasive solutions to choose from now!!! Less than a year ago there were zero non-invasive solutions for that fat pocket.
The first one is Coolsculpting. As you know, I had coolsculpting on my abdomen (and still love it) but they recently developed an applicator small enough that it can be used under the chin. Typically, two treatments are needed but this depends on how much volume you have. With one treatment you can expect to reduce the volume by 20-25% but with 2 treatments, you would see 40% or more! You will be measured to ensure you are the right candidate, because there has to be enough fat to fill the cup. If it's not enough fat, don't worry I am getting to that!

In this photo the client is getting measured by the technician with that device the arrow is pointing to, so that we can ensure this is the right treatment for her.

The procedure itself is fairly simple. You come in, get photos, get you hooked up for your treatment, the cooling begins and in one hour you are done. It gets so cold that you go numb, so it's pretty painless. It feels like that sensation when you hold ice on your skin for too long and it starts stinging. Not too bad for getting that fat to go away! The applicator is placed under your chin, it's pretty comfortable and you can play with your phone or take a nap. It takes 45 minutes to complete. Then the applicator is removed, the area is massaged and viola!!! You are done! Simple as that. There is a possibility of swelling, but everyone is different and it's typically minor swelling (if any) that goes away in 24-48 hours.

Now! If you don't have quite enough to fit in the Coolscupting applicator, then here is treatment #2! (and it's also a superb treatment, so really it's an equal alternative)

Kybella is an injectable alternative to the Coolsculpting Mini. It literally melts the fat once injected. Your injector will map out exactly where to put the product, as it's spread throughout the entire area. The injections are administered and your treatment will start working immediately! As it takes effect, swelling sets in and the inflammation for about a week. The advantage here, however, is that it's possible you may get a tad more tightening from this than you do the Mini. This treatment takes anywhere from 2-6 treatments and a vial is typically recommended for each treatment. I don't perform this treatment, but have seen the transition of those who have received it and results are great!

Above, the treatment area is mapped out and the Kybella is being administered.
Then!!!! There is a sneaky option that my co-worker Sandy Lanier (Physicians Assistant at Hall Plastic Surgery) came up with. She says that if there is a lot of volume, the fat pocket can be "de-bulked" with Coolsculpting first. This way you avoid that swelling initially from Kybella and still have the fat reduced. Once that process is complete (about a month later), follow up on that fat pocket with Kybella and get more fat reduction and tightening. It makes sense to me!

No one would volunteer to let me use their photos, so google it. Sorry ya'll! Honestly, the ads are true. We see amazing results with these two treatments regularly and because everyone responds differently, see a provider for specific answers on your goals. Being informed is a good start though! :) I do the Coolsculpting, so come see me at Hall Plastic Surgery if you are ready to start!

As always, feel free to leave comments or email me with questions. Sending you lots of love!