Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Clear + Brilliant

Aging skin is a fact of life, however, you can modify it to a certain degree. One of my favorite treatments in the Woodlands Wellness arsenal is Clear +Brilliant. Combining this treatment with the collection of skin care tricks, at any age, will help you recover the glow, luminosity and smoothness you deserve to have.

Regardless of your age, lack luster skin is from a variety of contributing factors such as sun damage, lifestyle or environmental conditions. Clear + Brilliant laser is a safe and unique treatment that uses fractional laser technology to address early signs of aging while also preventing them. A quick procedure with this laser (45 minutes) refreshes your skin from the inside out by replacing damaged areas with younger looking tissue. You will notice a radiant glow, reduced pore size, improvement in pigmentation, illuminated skin tone and a super soft, renewed skin texture. This treatment is also wonderful because it makes your products work better. 

If you're an old school microderm lover, this is for you. It's like having 4 micros at once with one day of redness & a month of that revitalized glow.

It is fast and effective with minimal downtime, so it is perfect for a busy lifestyle. In a perfect world, a series of 6 treatments will give you the best results, and they are done in 2 to 4 week intervals. You do see results from one, however. Complimentary consultations are recommended to discuss personalized options. Clear + Brilliant is appropriate for men and women of all ages and all skin types.

And yet another sexy pic of me, post treatment. On the left is before make up & the white around my eyes is the skin I did not treat. I usually do treat that area, but wanted you to be able to see the difference. On the right I easily covered the redness & went to work.

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