Saturday, April 4, 2015

Flawless Finish

Ever wonder how celebrities look so amazing? That fresh, dewy glow probably isn't the way they wake up. I know most human beings, especially after 20, are not designed to wake up flawless. Granted a good skin care regimen is totally necessary but there are a few, choice treatments that can help you to fake that flawless glow.

Just before an event, a special date or just because, there are treatments that offer an immediate improvement.

A subtle glow beneath a flawless finish can be achieved by a dermaplane with a hydrafacial finish. The dermaplane smoothes skin and removes peach fuzz. Following the dermaplane with the hydrafacial infuses your skin with serums that are full of antioxidants to hydrate, firm and make your skin glow. Think wilted raisin soaked in mayonnaise overnight & you can visualize what the hydrafacial does for your skin............ but healthier than mayo. lol The serums in hydrafacial plump, firm & hydrate simultaneously to give you a radiant glow while dermaplane smooths your skin and make up goes on perfectly! #FlawlessFinish

Ok, so I have a video that Dr. George and I did last week of the hydrafacial only. It's hilarious because you can tell I am not an actress, but it has some in depth information on the hydrafacial and it's a little bit entertaining. I am not sure why, but I get shy when they camera is pointed at me. Check it out!