Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Here comes summer! I mean, seriously! Spring break is less than a month away!!! Are you bathing suit ready?!? 

We have a wonderful, non-invasive solution that is quick and easy! I know I have told you guys before, but I LOVE it so I want everyone to know about it! lol 

Before-- One month later I did a second treatment --After

It takes a couple of months for the full results to set in, so starting sooner than later is best!

Here is a link to our Coolsculpting page at work, in case you want to come see me or get mor info:

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

My new favorite treatment #antiaging


The fountain of youth can be found in your blood! lol Well, kinda...... So PRP is Plasma-rich Protein.
 PRP is your own blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets. PRP contains several different growth factors & many cytokines that can stimulate healing, which in turn increases your natural collagen production and does so much anti-aging with it! 


Your naturally derived PRP is used in conjunction with the microneedling and is delivered deep within the tissue. Essentially it is stimulating collagen from below and above, which increases the amount of collagen bundling you get. That's what the black dots in the photo above represent.

The young lady pictured above had a series of six in a row. She did one every six weeks or so. These photos have not been touched up. She had Botox around the eyes, a little mid-face filler and Microneedling with PRP. Pretty dramatic, right?!