Thursday, May 25, 2017

A healthy gut gives a healthy glow

You may have heard by now, but probiotics are taking the skin care industry by storm! They claim to reduce redness, improve acne and also rosacea, but can they really???

Yes they can! Research has shown that probiotics reduce inflammation in the body. They specifically work on gut bacteria. (Bacteria that naturally resides in your small intestines- also where your body absorbs nutrients) This gut bacteria interacts with your immune system and can either help your immune system to be stronger or break down your immune system by causing new illness. When the good bacteria is there to lend support to your immune system it leads to good changes in the body and is evident on your skin. 

In addition, foods and drinks that are rich in probiotics are a great booster to enhance effects. Some foods that contain probiotics are: yogurt, miso soup, fermented vegetables (Farmhouse Culture, for example), sauerkraut and my all time favorite- Kombucha.
(these are just examples) 
I have heard and read about topical probiotics, but for me, the jury is still out.