Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Laser Hair Removal on olive complections.. is it safe?

Laser Hair Removal (LHR) should be an easy, more permanent solution to getting rid of unwanted hair. 

I have recently had a number of Asian & Pakistani individuals come see me for LHR that expect the laser to burn them in order to be effective. That is just not the case! Apparently, these chain med spas aren't equipped with the correct technology for darker skin types, and I burning people. They are also saying it's normal, when it's not! So I would like to educate you well enough to know what you need. Darker skin types can be safely & effectively treated with a 1064 laser. When you call around looking for laser hair removal, ask for a 1064 laser. It's common practice for the educated consumer!

Ok, now some information for everyone: 

A non-surgical method of permanently reducing or eliminating unwanted facial or body hair by using low-energy lasers on the skin.
$200-$500 per treatment cycle, depending on size of area treated.
Several minutes to several hours, depending on size of area treated.
None, just stay out of the sun for one week before and after treatment
You will need to go in every 4-6 weeks. Several sessions will be needed because not all hair follicles will be disabled in each treatment. The number & thickness of each hair will be reduced after your first treatment! You have to keep them in the correct time frame to achieve lasting results. 

Temporary redness, swelling surrounding each follicle & possible skin sensitivity. Every person reacts differently, but the reaction is typically so mild that you don't mind it.
Partially permanent. One or two follow-up treatments may be necessary on an annual basis.

Find a reputable clinic with experienced and knowledegable staff, who perform a lot of laser hair removal on a daily basis and also treats people with your skin type on a regular basis. If you accidentally get a tan prior to treatment, notify your technician & they will either modify the settings or reschedule you (depending on how it looks). If you get a tan within one week after your laser treatment, you run the risk of dis coloring your skin, so be careful. For this reason, fall is ideal for starting LHR. Again, darker skin, is more prone to burns or irregular pigmentation if the wrong laser is used.

Also, remember, you get what you pay for! These discounted coupons are scary! 

Do they regulate their machines? Are they experienced? Don't be afraid to investigate! 

This is your skin and the potential side effects can be permanent! 

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