Saturday, July 27, 2013

Be. Do. Have.

Now that you are familiar with my work, here is a snapshot of my personal side.

Above, I am with Parvati Shallow of Survivor. I was briefly on her reality show "Around the World For Free" and in this episode we joined a badass roller derby team in Austin for practice. Here I am, putting on my lip gloss, oblivious to the reality of roller derby, as she gears up for battle. Always up for an adventure but with my lip gloss, please! 
Be. Do. Have.

That is my new motto in life. Be refers to learning how to be comfortable and happy with who you are, where you are.I am reinventing myself by going back to school . It's an exciting time.

The Do is obviously all I have to do to continue, like pass my classes.

The Have is my goal. To have my nursing license and then it will start all over with being a nurse. Exciting things are ahead!!!!!!!! :)

Work has a huge role in my purpose in life and I want to share that happiness with you!

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