Sunday, June 8, 2014

Chemical Peels

Lately I have had a few people ask about how to take care of, or improve their skin.

Here are a few things you 30-somethings can do.

I love chemial peels! They tighten your skin a little, minimize pore size, improve discoloration and just brighten skin over all. They do literally make you peel and depending on the depth of the peel, is depending on how many days this will go on for but also how much improvement you will see. Here is a photo of me after having a VI Peel. It's a moderate depth peel and I peeled for 10 days total. I peeled once and thought I was done at day 5, but started peeling again at day 6. lol Once complete, my skin was great for about 3 months. Due to skin type, your level of peeling will vary and so will the level of improvement. One thing about chemical peels is that you will see a change for the better, no doubt. You also have to follow the after care religiously to get the best outcome.

 This is from 2010 when I worked in Bastrop, TX. As you can see, I am peeling.

^Do you see how much I love you!? ^ Not my most flattering photo! ^

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